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Exercise Helps Your Brain!

The positive effects of exercise on thinking and memory are some of the most exciting research findings in recent years! With technology and medical advancements, people are living longer than ever before and most would like to live a long time provided they remain...

Exercise Helps Your Brain!

New Year, Better Me.

“This is the year I break out of this cocoon of fat and transform into a beautiful butterfly with a six pack.” You may have made this resolution before or know someone who has (maybe not in those exact words). Is this way of thinking the best way to go about creating...

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How to Choose a Gym That Suits You

Research clearly shows the health benefits of physical activity and proper nutrition. As preventable disease continues to rise in the US, it’s important that we take control of our health to live longer with a higher quality of life. A great place to do this is at a...

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Diabetes and Nutrition

When managing diabetes, whether it is Type II or Type I, what you eat and when you eat is very important. Some people can control diabetes with diet and exercise alone. Others need medication to help regulate their blood sugar levels. Diet is very important whether or...

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What Do Dogs & Gyms Have in Common?

A therapy dog is one that is working for an individual with a physical disability, right? No! Therapy dogs, and their humans work as a team to bring emotional support, love, and fun to individuals facing difficult or challenging times. Therapy dog teams volunteer...

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