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5 Benefits of Video Games for Adults and Seniors

Racing cars, swinging axes and swords, bowling with a controller, and wack-a-moles… things adults associate with their children and grandchildren, but soon may want to consider for themselves. As we age, our cognitive skills start to decline. Here are 8 benefits to...

5 Benefits of Video Games for Adults and Seniors

Fibromyalgia and Massage

May 12 is National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.  For those effected by fibromyalgia, massage is actually one of the most beneficial treatments in their health plan for managing discomfort and improving their quality of life.  What are some of the symptoms of...

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Music: The Key Motivator for Workouts

Have you ever forgotten your headphones when going to the gym… sitting in the parking lot with dread, lack of motivation, and the feeling that you cannot get a “good” workout in without them? Studies suggest that music may temporarily distract exercisers from some of...

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I Thought Jungle Gyms Were for Kids!

When I say jungle gym, what comes to your mind?  Does it take you back to your youth playing outside during recess or on a warm summer day?  Do you wish you could return to those memories of playing (or working out) on a piece of equipment like this?  If you answered...

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Four Very Important Nutrition Words

Four simple words will help your overall health and nutrition:   Balance, Portion, Moderation, and Variety.  To accomplish your health goals, you need to be realistic when it comes to your eating habits. It is important to work with all foods and understand how they...

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Exercise Helps Your Brain!

The positive effects of exercise on thinking and memory are some of the most exciting research findings in recent years! With technology and medical advancements, people are living longer than ever before and most would like to live a long time provided they remain of...

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