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M4L is a fitness family of adults, exercising to regain or maintain an active, independent and healthy lifestyle.  Our highly qualified staff create a feeling of community, meeting you where you are in your fitness journey and then helping you reach your fitness goals.  Our team includes certified personal trainers, a registered dietitian, an emergency physician, and friendly hospitality staff.  The state-of-the-art facility and fitness equipment are designed specifically for adults.

Founder's Welcome

I started Motion 4 Life Fitness as a way to prevent falls, general medical decline, and loss of independence. As a practicing emergency medicine physician for over 25 years, I have seen many injuries with physical, emotional and lifestyle implications.

Training Philosophy

At Motion 4 Life Fitness our professional trainers will create a safe and appropriate exercise program for each member based on health history and a fitness assessment. We believe proper guidance, instruction and encouragement is vital to a successful exercise program. Therefore, our memberships include personal training, either 1-on-1 or small group (2-4 people).

Class Descriptions & Schedules

At Motion 4 Life Fitness we have created our own unique classes which complement our small group and 1-on-1 personal training.  Classes focus on balance, agility, cardiovascular and flexibility training.  Research has shown these skills are important for improving quality of life, longevity, and independence.  Our trainers will assist you in scheduling the most appropriate classes for your current skill level and systematically progress you through different levels. The M4L classes will be fun, challenging and thought provoking!

Classes will be 30-45 minutes and include a warm up to prepare you for the upcoming workout and a cool down for faster recovery and improving flexibility.

What Our Members Say

“All of the staff here are amazingly supportive. It is common to hear shouts of encouragement from staff and other members. I like to refer to the gym as my “Cheers” where everybody knows your name. I feel that I have finally found the perfect place to continue my health and fitness journey for many years to come.”
Amy, Member M4L

“Motion 4 Life has been a godsend.  Since I moved to Carmel two years ago, I’ve searched for a gym that was designed and structured to meet my goals of weight maintenance, strength training and cardio health; and do so in an environment both friendly and sophisticated.  Nothing met those requirements until M4L.  M4L fits all those goals and more.  The staff is knowledgeable and committed to meeting my needs; AND the setting is better than the spa at the Ritz, with first class equipment and competitive pricing.  Check it out.  It is well worth the visit.”
Sue T, Member M4L

“Motion 4 Life has been a godsend for me. As a retired nurse, I knew the importance of exercise but was not consistent exercising. Working now with a personal trainer has been fantastic. I definitely have seen improvements. They utilize a fitness plan suited to you. Working on cardio, balance, and strength training has been a great overall workout. Would highly recommend to anyone!”
Marilynn, Member M4L

“Motion 4 Life is a wonderful place to work on improving your physical health. There is no doubt that the hours I spend there have made a big difference in my being able to physically do more rather than less as I grow older. There is always a trainer available for questions and/or suggestions and the plans they make for me are individualized according to my needs. The entire staff is congenial and welcoming and the facility is always clean and very functional. I highly recommend this beautiful facility to everyone wanting to improve their life!”
Nancy, Member M4L

“Motion 4 Life Fitness is the only gym I have ever joined. The staff has made me very comfortable in going there and working out. The trainers are knowledgeable and know just what I need to do to continue to improve. Joining was a good decision on my part. I have recommended Motion 4 Life to all of my friends!”
Martha, Member M4L

“I’ve been at it for 5 months now and have gained both balance and endurance thanks to the great staff at M4L!”
Barb, Member of M4L

“The workout experience I have had at Motion 4 Life is the best I’ve had ever.  The equipment is top notch and the staff is super friendly and helpful.  I like that the trainers are certified and know what the body, particularly the older body, can do.  The workouts are tailored to my abilities and needs which is just what I was looking for in a gym experience.”
Linda, Member of M4L

“My goal in joining M4L has been to improve my balance and increase flexibility and strength. M4L has enabled me to do that. I have seen improvement in every area. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The trainers do an outstanding job. The facilities are outstanding and spotlessly clean. I look forward to every workout.”
Jack, Member of M4L

“Looking for a fitness facility with friendly, caring, knowledgeable staff who create an individualized personal training program just for you? Would you like to enjoy a beautiful germ-free gym with weights and amenities for all adult ages and fitness levels? Try M4L Fitness! You will not be disappointed. I love it!”
Lynn, Member of M4L

“Motion 4 Life has opened the door to a new healthy life style. Everyone is friendly and professional. They have helped me to regain my balance and improve my eating habits. I especially appreciate the individual attention.”
Maridean, Member of M4L

“At Motion 4 Life the personal attention and focused workouts are perfect, especially in a calm, nonthreatening environment. There is maximum flexibility in scheduling and all the staff are interested in your success.”
Sue C, Member M4L

“I have been coming to M4L for just under six months. I had two goals when I joined: 1) increase upper body strength; and 2) improve my posture (right shoulder hunching in from too many years of sitting at the computer and carrying a heavy brief bag on my shoulder). I am happy that I have made progress on both: I can lift all I need to around the house and garden (even that big bag of water softening salt); and although my posture is not perfect (yet), I am sitting much straighter and am less tight in the neck and shoulders. The trainers (Dave and Karena) have made it easy to follow an effective exercise routine. The entire staff at M4L has made it fun to workout.”
Marta, Member of M4L

“This is a beautiful state of the art facility, but my favorite part of my experience here is the friendliness and support of the staff – not only at the front desk but, most importantly, the weekly guidance from the trainers. You get a weekly training session that is customized to help you meet your personal goals!”
Charlene, Member of M4L

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