The possibilities to connect with your grandkids on social media are essentially endless. Since I am only 21, I am going to speak from my perspective as a granddaughter.

I believe the use of social media, Facebook in particular, is a godsend. There are so many times I think to myself how I wish life would slow down. It felt like yesterday I started college, and here I am finishing up the first month of my senior year. But it is not only my own life I want to slow down, it is time in general. While I was not fortunate enough to meet either of my grandpas, I was blessed with two incredible women, my Bubbe may she Rest in Peace, and my grandma who have shown me the true meaning of love and hard work while inspiring me to push myself to my greatest potential.

While I wish I could say I speak to my grandma every day, I do not– a decision I know I should push harder to make. While our catch-up lunches are delicious and full of gossip (yes, I fill her in on ALL the drama), social media gives my grandma a way to keep tabs on me while I go about my life. As she always says “keep Ball State out of trouble for me.”  While I cherish the moments we are able to spend together, social media has created a way to stay connected in times apart, whether states away or only an hour.

The best thing about social media is how easy it is to set up. Whether downloading an app onto a grandparent’s phone or creating an account for them on the computer, it only takes a few minutes! If you’re smart, write down those passwords! You never know when that phone call will come, but you do know they will probably forget. One of my favorite apps on my iPhone is Facetime, and I think with grandparents and grandkids it gives them the opportunity to share memories “face to face” for when they don’t have the option to see each other in person. It allows anyone to see emotion and have genuine interactions, which is so important within the family. Overall, I think that social media has great opportunities to keep relationships as strong as possible, even with distance!



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