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We take the guesswork out of exercise and create tailored exercise programs to help you live a productive and healthy life.

Class Descriptions

At Motion 4 Life Fitness we have created our own unique classes which complement our small group and 1-on-1 personal training.  These will include balance, agility, cardiovascular and flexibility training.  Research has shown these skills are important for improving quality of life, longevity, and independence.  We will assist you in scheduling the most appropriate classes for your current skill level and systematically progress you through different levels. The M4L classes will be fun, challenging and thought provoking!

Classes will be 30-45 minutes and include a 5-10 minute warm up to prepare you for the upcoming workout and a 5 minute cool down for faster recovery and improving flexibility.

Listed below is a sampling of the classes we will offer.

Agile Agers Level 1

This class includes simple agility exercises to increase foot speed, or more accurately, allow you to recover quickly from a stumble.  It will include a variety of seated and standing agility drills based on your current ability.  Activities include simple ladder drills, seated or standing hot potato, seated or standing fast feet, cone drills, and many more.  Agility is important because if you lose balance and begin to tumble you need to be able to move your arms or legs to stop yourself from falling.

Agile Agers Level 2

After mastering the Agile Agers Level 1, you can move into the Level 2 agility class.  This class moves away from chair support and uses agility exercises while standing up.  Agile Agers Level 2 will include faster paced ladder exercises and cone drills that require you to move specific cones while picking up objects off the floor.

Balancing Boomers Level 1

This class will include a variety of seated and standing balance exercises for improving balance. Activities include practicing proper seated and standing posture, seated or standing soccer, seated or standing volleyball, dot drills, marching in place, and many more. One in four Americans aged 65+ falls each year; improving balance can help reduce the risk of falling.

Balancing Boomers level 2

After testing out of the Level 1 class you can move into the Balancing Boomers Level 2 class. This class will involve single-leg, stability ball, and standing balance exercises.  Balance activities include: standing and sitting on unstable surface with eyes closed, walk heel-to-toe on a piece of tape, balancing with feet in challenging stances and many more.  These exercises will challenge your balance skills and help reduce your risk of falling.

Cardio Conditioning Level 1

This class will include a variety of exercises that improve cardiovascular health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. Cardiovascular health can be improved by doing a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise per week. Exercises will be low to moderate intensity based on the conditioning of the individual. Cardio conditioning will include exercises on the Queenax, Smart Trainer and cardio equipment.

Cardio Conditioning level 2

When you are ready for higher intensity exercise you can join the Level 2 Cardio Conditioning class.  This class will be moderate to high intensity.  We will use fun equipment such as the heavy bag, battle ropes, Queenax, the Smart Trainer and a variety of cardio equipment.

Educational Classes

These classes will include nutrition, self-defense, fall prevention and many more topics.

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148th & Gray Road, Carmel / Westfield

M-Fri 5:30am to 8pm
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