The glorious season of Spring arrives on March 19th, just a couple weeks away!  It represents new life and fresh beginnings and can get us thinking about Spring cleaning. We often have good intentions about maintaining our homes, but we don’t realize how quickly things accumulate, forming unnecessary stacks and piles.  As our closets, stairs, and other locations become a “catch all”, they can also become a hazard and fall risk, especially for older adults.  


Here are 20 tips for fall-proofing your home this Spring:



  • Sort/clear any books, magazines, mail, etc. from floor and/or steps
  • Rearrange furniture to ensure a clear and accessible pathway
  • Secure any loose cords or wires
  • Fasten/tack down any loose rugs



  • Install proper night lighting near toilet
  • Place frequently used items in an easily accessible location
  • Install grab bars in shower and near toilet
  • Secure any area rugs with non-slip backing



  • Install a light switch accessible from your bed
  • Place a phone within reach of your bed
  • Organize the closet so items are easy to reach
  • Arrange furniture and decorations allowing a clear pathway



  • Install adequate lighting in all areas
  • Place frequently used items in an easy to reach location
  • Clear walkways of clutter, pet bowls, etc.
  • Store medication in an easily accessible location



  • Clear overgrown landscape from walkways
  • Install sufficient lighting over or near entry doors
  • Secure handrails at all entry steps
  • Check/repair any broken or cracked steps


These are a few ideas to ensure a safe and orderly living space. Take a moment and look through your house to identify potential hazards and make any necessary modifications.

At Motion 4 Life Fitness we emphasize the importance of strength, balance, cardiovascular health and mobility to help prevent a fall. Dr. Carol Weesner, Motion 4 Life Fitness’ founder, has been a practicing Emergency Medicine physician for over 25 years. She has seen many fall injuries with physical, emotional and lifestyle implications which could have been prevented through regular exercise and proper nutrition.

If you would like to learn more about our programs, please call Pam at 317-343-2537 to schedule a tour!

For other resources pertaining to fall prevention you can visit the website for the Indiana Fall Prevention Coalition:


Heidi Davidson

Fall Prevention Coordinator & Hospitality

Motion 4 Life Fitness


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