If you’re anything like me, you probably grew up with some unhealthy habits.  Ever since I can remember I have been a very “picky” eater.  My parents attempted, through heavy-handed discipline, to get me to eat things that were supposedly “good for me”.  Yet, despite having to sit at the table, through tears, until I cleaned my plate, I never developed a liking for seafood, and canned cooked (cold) spinach still made me physically sick.  Even that little flashback nearly made me gag!  Hence, to avoid the struggle, it was probably just easier to enable my unhealthy cravings for carbs and sugar.

As I grew older, poor eating habits, divorce, pregnancies, numerous moves, financial hardship, relationship struggles, and stresses of life wore on me in many ways.  Though I tried to stay somewhat active riding my bike, walking, sweating with Billy Blanks to my Tae Bo VHS tapes, and even my 5 years of employment at the Fisher’s YMCA, which included a free membership, my poor diet was still hindering me from reaching my goal weight and full potential.  Then, a hard fall on the ice in 2007 caused periodic painful catching in the back of my left knee, and over time I was completely unable to bear any weight on it.  I had surgery to remove bone fragments in early 2012.  I tried to press through it but was not quite able to get back to the same level of activity.  And then just a few months after my knee surgery, I began waking up in the middle of the night with horrible pain in my gut.  Oddly, the best way I was able to explain it was it felt like an expanding cheese wheel in my gut that was on fire!  After binging on donuts that were brought in to work, I had a night of horrible pain, and the next morning went to the hospital.  As it turned out, my gallbladder needed to come out.  In fact, the doctor told me it was one of the most diseased and inflamed gallbladders he had ever seen.  He said if I hadn’t had it surgically removed, it could have possibly ruptured, spreading toxic poison through my body- potentially fatal.  Yikes!  Suffice it to say, that experience ruined donuts for me, and I haven’t eaten one ever since!  That was definitely a rough recovery.

Though there were certain things that I could no longer tolerate eating after gallbladder surgery, my diet improved only slightly.  Also, recovery from my knee surgery took longer than expected, and slowed me down considerably and there was noticeable weight gain.  Not long after that, I worked in a call center for 2 years, where I sat for hours with very little activity and an undisciplined diet.  I was beginning to feel like a slug.  These combined factors, as well as getting older, were absolutely taking a toll on my body.  I knew I needed to make some necessary changes to take better care of myself.

After many months of searching for another job, an incredible door of opportunity opened for me at Motion 4 Life Fitness, which is geared to health and wellness for adults who are starting to feel older.  I gladly walked through this amazing door.  The job description felt like a great fit for me, which seemed to encompass bits and pieces of my last 17 years of work experience.



Each new year I get a significant word resonating in me, and this year’s word is

Vibrancy: the state of being full of energy and life!

I believe a significant shift has occurred in my mind, my heart, and my circumstances to finally follow through with my fitness goals.  And now that I have access to an incredible facility, which includes a registered Dietitian, who helps devise a practical and sustainable eating plan, motivational personal trainers that challenge me, as well as the desire to represent this company well, what better time than now?!!

I have noticed positive changes in my body and my energy level since I have been here.  A couple weeks ago, my trainer prompted me to “kick things up a notch”.  It was a tough workout, and although I was extremely tired afterward, I was also rejuvenated and pumped to encourage others…so, after a member (age 67) asked me if I was coming to the next class, I decided to take her up on it, and invited others to join me in attending the following Saturday class.  It was the biggest class we’ve had at the gym so far, and super exciting to be part of it!  I actually feel new life and strength coming to my body…it’s almost as if “Vibrancy” is taking root and producing fruit!

I am so blessed to be involved with such an incredible community.  Not only is Motion 4 Life Fitness a great environment to meet and encourage other people on a similar journey, but this gym has such a unique approach to equip people in ways that fit their individual needs towards better health and wellness.  I know I am still learning and progressing on my own journey, but if someone like me can be taught to overcome poor eating habits and physical limitations, you can too.  Our oldest member is 84 years of age.  I am in my early 50’s, and when I see some of our members who are in their 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s here working out and staying active, it truly inspires me to be strong, healthy, and maintain prolonged independence.  We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to improve the quality of our life, so let’s do our best to live well.


Heidi Davidson

Hospitality and Fall Prevention

Motion 4 Life Fitness


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