I am excited to present Motion 4 Life’s first community cookbook! Many thanks to each of you who contributed your favorite recipes. Eating healthy can be easy, enjoyable, and tasty! Each of these dishes provides important nutrients to help you on your wellness journey. It is important to focus on portion size and food groups when making your meals. These recipes help you with just that! Each recipe has the recommended serving sizes along with food groups. I encourage you to try and modify these recipes to fit your flavor fun. Always remember that ‘All Foods Fit, Moderation is Key!’

Amanda Garant MS RD CD – March 2019


Jane’s Angel Cake with Mocha Whip

Makes 12 small slices


1 angel food cake (either bought or prepared from mix)
1 pint all-purpose cream
2 T Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
1/2 c strong instant coffee
20 marshmallows



Dissolve marshmallows in coffee – stir over heat.

Cool by setting marshmallow mixture in ice water till it gels.

Whip ½ c cream and fold into marshmallows mixture.

Slice cake into 3 layers.

Spread filling on 2 layers.

Put all back into cake pan & freeze if making ahead.

Thaw cake ½ hour to 1 hour and frost with rest if cream which has been whipped with 2T Hershey’s Syrup (added after whipping).

Spread over top and sides of cake.


Meal Plan Counts

1 small slice = 1 grain & 1 dairy


Shared By:

Jane O’Neill – Check out this yummy cake for your next family get together!


Chocolate Chip Cake

Makes 24 2-by-2 inch pieces or 1/12 of one pie pan


2 c all-purpose flour
1 c packed brown sugar
1/2 c granulated sugar
3 t baking powder
1 t salt
1 t baking soda
1/2 c shortening
1 1/4 c milk
3 eggs
3/4 c semisweet chocolate chips finely chopped or ¾ c miniature semisweet chocolate chips
1 1/2 t vanilla



Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour 2 round 8-inch pans.

Beat all ingredients in large mixing bowl on low speed scraping bowl constantly, 30 seconds.

Beat on high speed, scraping bowl occasionally, 3 minutes. Pour into pans.

Bake until toothpick comes out clean (40-45min).

Frost with chocolate butter frosting, see next recipe.


Meal Plan Counts

2-inch square or a 12th of a round cake = 1 grain & 2 fat/oils


Shared By:

Karena – It is amazing, life altering chocolate chip cake.


Chocolate Butter Frosting



1/2 c softened butter
2 oz melted unsweetened chocolate (cool)
2 c powdered sugar
1 1/2 t vanilla
2 T milk



Mix butter and chocolate.

Stir in powdered sugar.

Beat in vanilla and milk until frosting is of spreading consistency.

To change it up:

Add ¼ c chopped nuts to the frosting.


Cocoa Butter frosting by adding 1/3 c cocoa


Add 1 ½ t instant powdered coffee with the sugar.


Meal Plan Counts

2-inch square = 1 grain &

2 fat/oils


Shared By:

Karena –  Finger licking good frosting.


Valerie’s Brownies

Makes approx. 40 2-inch square brownies


2 sticks of Fleischmann’s margarine
4 oz bakers unsweetened chocolate
2 t vanilla
4 eggs
2 c sugar
1 c flour
Powdered sugar (as desired)



Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Combine butter and chocolate in a sauce pan over medium low heat on the stove. Turn off stove as soon as it is mixing consistency.

Add vanilla, eggs (whisked), flour, and sugar.

Spray 9 x 11 pan and pour mixture into it.

Cook for 25-27 minutes. Sprinkle with powdered sugar as desired.


Meal Plan Counts

1 – 2inch brownie = 1 grain &

1 fat/oil


Shared By:


Check back next Friday for our final set of recipes in our series! #newfoodfriday



Amanda Garant 

Registered Dietitian 

Motion 4 Life Fitness




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