Ladies and gentlemen start your engines! In celebration of the 102nd running of the Indianapolis 500, Motion 4 Life would like to provide you with tips to keep you in the driver’s seat. Being able to hop in our cars and cruise provides us with independence. As we age it is possible to lose the physical ability to drive, but there are exercises you can do to keep you behind the driver’s wheel longer.


1. Improve your ability to turn the neck and shoulders

Being able to rotate your neck and upper back is necessary to be able to see your mirrors and blind spots. Range of motion throughout these regions is also important for spine and shoulder health. Overtime, if not used, these areas can become stiff and lose their mobility. Luckily, through proper stretching and movement patterns you can increase range of motion in these areas.


2. Cardiovascular exercise can help to keep you sharp between the ears

Sometimes we need to make quick decisions to avoid the person spending more time staring at their phone screen than the road. Research shows exercise can improve multiple aspects of cognition. Aerobic fitness spares age-related loss of tissue during aging. More active or higher fit individuals can make decisions more quickly and can dedicate more attention to their environment. Not only do active individuals make decisions quicker but with a better outcome.


3. Strength and agility can help you operate your vehicle

Strength and agility are both used to turn your wheel and operate the pedals. Motion 4 Life is the perfect place to help you improve both! Agility is your ability to move quickly and easily. This skill is useful when you must switch from the accelerator to the brake quickly or you have to make a quick turn or lane change. Strength is important to be in control of the steering wheel and be able to move the lower limbs between pedals. At Motion 4 Life we assess both and work towards improving these qualities.


4. Don’t lose your ability to get in and out of your car

Getting in and out of your seat takes a certain amount of lower and upper body strength along with hip mobility. You must be able to rotate the hips and squat in some manner. If you are sedentary for too long you can lose these abilities, but not to worry! Hip mobility and lower body strength can be restored and improved.


At Motion 4 Life Fitness we are here to help you remain independent and continue to do the activities you like! Our personal trainers assess your current fitness level and design an exercise program just for you. You will move, feel, and look better.


Dave Stewart

Director of Personal Training

Motion 4 Life Fitness


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