Congratulations on starting your exercise routine and developing healthy habits! Want to have more energy and improve on your weight goals? Most people do not realize how nutrition can improve the effectiveness of your workout.

Activity is a very important component of optimal health, and nutrition is equally important.  Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, and you must work on both to achieve ultimate success.  Now that you have stuck to your healthy habit of exercising, it is time to start working on the second piece of the puzzle – nutrition.  Here are two easy changes you can make to help provide the needed energy to reach your goals.

  • Stay hydrated! Staying hydrated outside of the gym is just as important as when you are in the gym. Try to make sure you drink 8 oz of water with meals and snacks to help reach 64 ounces a day. Meet with your dietitian to find out how much fluid your individual body needs. Suggestions for workout hydration are in the chart.
  • Eat! See the chart below for some ideas:
3 hours before a workout 30 min – 1 hour before a workout 30-60 min after a workout
1/4c granola & 6-8oz Greek yogurt ½ or full banana 8oz chocolate milk
8-10oz water 8-10oz water 8-10oz water
1 whole wheat English Muffin & 1T Peanut butter 1/2c – 1c berries 1/4c nuts
8-10oz water 8-10oz water 8-10oz water
1/2c oatmeal & hard-boiled egg 1/4c dried fruit 1T Peanut butter on 2 rice cakes
8-10oz water 8-10oz water 8-10oz water
Turkey wrap (small tortilla & 2oz sliced turkey) ¼ trail mix 6-8oz Greek yogurt
8-10oz water 8-10oz water 8-10oz water
Salad w/ 2oz grilled chicken and 6 crackers 1c melon Rx Bar
8-10oz water 8-10oz water 8-10oz water
  • It is good for your body to have a carbohydrate of some sort prior to exercise. If you only have 30 minutes to 1 hour before your workout then aim for a piece of fruit so it does not upset your stomach.
  • If you have more time, enjoy a balanced meal of a whole grain source with a protein source. This will give your body longer lasting energy.
  • A properly balanced after workout snack will allow your body to replenish the energy used with a carbohydrate source and utilize the protein to help in muscle repair and building.

Nutrition is a key piece to the puzzle of feeling the best you can and even more importantly, feeling well during a workout. Let your trainer maximize your workout by eating balanced, staying hydrated, and eating regularly!


Amanda Garant

Registered Dietitian

Motion 4 Life Fitness


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