Hi there! My name is Wrigley and I am a five-month old golden retriever puppy, the soon to be therapy dog for M4L! I have been living in my new home with Karena for a couple of months now. I am learning a lot of new information – how to listen to commands, how to sit for my food, and things not to do. Apparently, furniture, power cords and clothing are not approved chew toys. If you ask me, I think that is crazy! I am also learning a ton from the other golden retriever I live with, Ellie. Ellie is very helpful in teaching me what I am supposed to do and how I am supposed to walk on a leash when I go for my walks. During our walks, I LOVE chasing Ellie, of which she is not a fan. My favorite thing to do right now is exploring and going out on adventures. My favorite adventure is going to our friend’s clothing boutique and visiting her and all her patrons. Karena has also taken me to PetSmart and Lowes. I am doing well in these new environments and learning loud noises are not scary.

To go along with my socialization, Karena is taking me to puppy school. I have made a ton of puppy friends that I love to wrestle and chase around the indoor play area. During puppy school I am learning how sit, lay down, stay, come and overall good puppy manners. I think I have very good puppy manners, but Karena thinks differently. The best part of puppy school is learning how to swim and jump into the pool from a dock.  This has become my favorite activity, I am a natural born swimmer if I may say so.

I feel like all I do is sleep, eat, go wild and repeat! But hey, what’s a pup supposed to do? I hope you enjoy the adorable picture of me, and I cannot wait to meet you all!

I am looking forward to coming to the facility and start learning how I can assist in exercises! I will not be an official therapy dog until I am at least a year old, so I have 7 months to learn all the skills I need to be a well rounded golden retriever! I visit M4L on Fridays occasionally, so keep an eye out for me!


(Karena Monson MS, CPT, ATC)

Personal Trainer



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